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3/6/12 -Press Release..."A Heart Light As Air",Alden's new album,puts her talent and passion for music on display.Her message of love and faith will prove to be thought provoking and honest...a rare combination in today's music....."

- Tate Music Group


"I enjoyed the great guitar work and the upbeat feel of your music.Keep up the good work!"

- Jim Stovall ..Author & motivational speaker

("The Ultimate Gift " and "The Ultimate Life") 


Cindy Lee Alden/The Sampler...Not many vocalists could cover Peter,Paul,and Mary,Jimmy Buffett,Fleetwood Mac,and Led Zeppelin all on the same album and make it work...but somehow Laurel,Maryland's Cindy Lee Alden pulls it off...The originals Whirlpool and Crayola Skies serve as proof that Alden can shine just as brightly in her own skin as well as others


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